An independent contemporary artist from Russia whose works are in private collections in the USA, Great Britain,
Europe, Singapore, and Russia. The style of modern surrealism is visible in the works and it contains emotional
sensual portraits of people mixed with landscapes, flowers, architecture, unusual textures.

My story related to creativity and art began in college. I studied to become a fashion designer in Moscow and
dedicated myself to drawing images for 5 years. Since then I enjoy working with images of people and portraits.
My career as a digital artist began when I met my future husband, he turned out to be a professional
This happened by accident. He came up to me in Moscow, in the subway, and presented me with a certificate for
photography, it turned out to be a certificate that helped me to start a "creative life". We have been together in
this profession since 2011. He was engaged in shooting and I worked on processing and retouching photographs.
I fell in love with this occupation and decided to develop further in this field and get a professional education. I
entered the faculty of Digital Painting and Graphics of the British School of Arts in Moscow and graduated from it.
We broke new ground in creativity traveling around the world and being engaged in photography. We lived in
Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and in Europe for some time until 2015. We were hit by the financial crisis
and returned to Russia almost as bankrupts, we did not understand what to do next. The noise of the big city did
not allow us to breathe deeply and develop further. We left for the village having sold almost all the equipment
and some of our belongings. We rented an old house on the Black Sea in Sochi for $ 50 a month and only there, in
the clean air, surrounded by nature and the sea, the idea to create a workshop for the production of paintings and
interior items arose.
The idea materialized, we created our own production of paintings in the old garage, and only then we start the
production of design interior items and furniture.
Our hard activity lasting for five years bore fruit, we have grown into a rather well-known brand in Russia starting
from a small workshop in a garage.
Today I continue to create paintings and discover new styles and techniques. The style of modern surrealism is
visible in my works and it contains emotional sensual portraits of people, mixed faces with landscapes, flowers,
unusual textures. Sometimes it seems to me that I see the aura of people and subtly feel their energy and this
helps me to understand what this or that portrait will be succinctly combined with.

British school of art in Moscow faculty of "Digital painting and graphics" 2016 - 2018
Professional digital graphics course 2019

2018, My Market, Flacon, Rosa Khutor, Sochi, Russia
2017, ARTIS Gallery, Moscow
2017, Concept Market, Moscow
2016, Mountain Olympic Village Sochi 2016, Sochi, Russia
2015, Art market Sochi, Russia

Publications in print media:
Saatchi art Printed catalog Spring 2 2021, in 250,000 US copies on April 14, 2020.
Magazine ART MUSE about contemporary artists edition 2019

My existing stores:
Saatchiart : https://www.saatchiart.com/elyanamazova
Artfinder : https://www.artfinder.com/artist/elmira-namazova

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