Digital painting on old wood

Original digital paintings on old vintage wood, limited edition of 3 pieces per image.

Framed paintings:

Collection of paintings "Fedbergsun"
  • 74 х 104 х 5 cm
All other collections of paintings
  • 84 х 104 х 5 cm
Unframed long board paintings:

Collection of paintings "Fedbergsun"
  • 70х 100 х 2 cm
All other collections of paintings
  • 80 х 100 х 2 cm
  • 100 х 140 х 2 cm
  • 120 х 180 х 2 cm
I am very glad to welcome you to my store. Let me present to your attention my author's digital paintings that are composed into wooden canvases on old vintage boards.
I use real old boards with a long history as a canvas basis, some of them being over 50 years old. In order to prepare the canvas, I order these boards from my partners. A team of ten people get this wood from different remote regions of Russia by dismantling old buildings that are more than 50 years old. These real old boards have a unique texture and patterns - natural cracks, chips and artifacts gained over time. If I create canvases for my paintings, even from a limited collection, there won’t be the same canvases with the same texture. I thoroughly select the boards with the most beautiful and vintage drawings. Each canvas is unique! I consider this to be an environmentally friendly process since it’s like giving a second life to this wood in the form of artistic interior paintings. All canvases are collected in my workshop in Moscow.

There are two formats of paintings:

Format No. 1
One-piece picture with a 5 cm thick frame and type-setting old boards with different textures and patterns.
Format No. 2
Paintings from old wood with separate long planks fastened on the back by crossbars.

Each painting made from old boards and having its certain size is of a limited edition of 3 specimens only.
The material is old softwood boards. Sometimes I use oak boards.
The patterning method is UV-printing.
The drawing is covered with a protective matte water-based varnish.
The paintings are provided with hinges on the back for hanging them on the wall.
I put my art mark on every painting.
You will find 2 certificates of authenticity in the package. The first one is a certificate for my author’s painting of a limited edition. The second one is a certificate of authenticity for wood that is over 50 years old.

Please note!
The color and shades of the painting on the wood may slightly differ from the image you see on the screen. The reasons for that are as follows:
- different color rendition of PC monitors and mobile devices;
- strong contrast of mobile device monitors.
- partial paint absorption by wood.
Colors, shades, contrast on the canvas may be softer than on the monitor. Each painting will be unique due to the unique wood pattern.

Manufacturing time:
The term of production is 7 - 12 working days

Packaging and delivery:
The paintings will be packaged in several protective layers - stretch film, bubble wrap, cardboard and plywood. According to our standards, we send all the products by EMS courier service.

Free worldwide shipping 10 - 14 days.